Antibiotics as Fast Cure

  An independent review of the effects of treating cholera with antimicrobial drugs has been conducted. Cholera is an acute watery diarrhea caused by infection with the bacterium Vibrio cholerae, which can cause rapid dehydration and death. Effective treatment requires early diagnosis and rehydration using oral rehydration salts or intravenous fluids. This review looked at […]

Health is Wealth

Healthy Eating Tips Eating healthy isn’t always easy. Today’s families are busier then ever and more often than not, the healthy choice is not the easy choice.  But with a little planning there are ways to make sure we are getting the valuable nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy.  Here are some tips for […]

The Cardio Education

    Medical Media Communications (Scientific) Ltd, or MMC Sci, is a medical communications agency focused on delivering the right content to the right people, at a time that is right for them. Whether that’s live at a face-to-face or virtual Digitizing communications not only increases your audience, it also creates convenient content, enabling healthcare […]

Best for Children Safety

Importance of early childhood education While this guide focuses on your child’s education at school, it is important to recognise that high quality education early in life gives children the best start. All Queensland children are eligible to attend Year 1 if they attain the age of 6 years by 30 June in the year […]

Health Physiotherapy Education

Supporting world-class Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Education iMEDicare were really delighted to help facilitate two of the first Physiotherapy Prostate Rehabilitation courses that ran in the UK (Birmingham) and Ireland (Dublin) this Autumn. Organised by Birmingham based Men’s Health Specialist, Gerard Greene we welcomed internationally leading Physiotherapist Joanne Millios from Perth, West Australia. Jo’s PhD is […]

Equipment to Increase Stamina

Stamina 1690 Power Tower Exercises: Stamina 1690 power tower weight limit is 250 lbs. Should take this into account when buying training. You should not perform exercises with additional weights if Your weight is close to this limit.  Be sure to warm up for five to ten minutes prior to the start of basic training. […]

How to gain Height after 20’s

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) consists of 12 Yoga poses that are more than efficient for increasing height. Starting with 5 sets of Surya Namaskar a day you can go up to 20-25 sets a day with ease. Surya Namaskar works wonder on your overall health, mind and body as well as increase health. 1. Diet and Nutrition for […]


DMT uses the body’s natural movement patterns through three-dimensional exercises. Involve your whole body by challenging your cardiovascular, muscular and neural systems at the same time. Movements can just use your body weight or be loaded for greater benefit. The more dynamically you move, the better you’ll feel and perform. Improve muscular control, use more […]