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You have probably heard of Stendra, one of the top rated anti-ED drugs, and we all know that this is one of the best ways to treat erectile dysfunction but that doesn’t mean that everyone can start taking these magic pills. First of all, you need to ask yourself am I suffering from any of the major diseases. It is very important to take the pills responsibly no matter how desperate you are when it comes to improving your sex life. If you have had issues with your heart, liver, kidneys, or a stomach, you need to think twice before ordering this product.

That means that if you have been dealing with heart diseases or rhythm disorders, it is not a good move to start with the Stendra therapy since your blood flow is going to be increased and that means that your heart is going to start pumping more blood which can harm you even more. The same goes for men who have experienced congestive heart failure or angina which is chest pain.

They are not allowed to start taking Stendra or any similar medicine for treating impotence or ED. You liver might also be in danger if you have been dealing with some diseases, and so are your kidneys. Retinitis pigmentosa is also one of the health conditions which are on the black list which means that men who have it are not allowed to start taking it as well. In some cases, Stendra might decrease blood flow in your eye but this happens once in a million cases and mostly to men who are smoking too many cigarettes per day, and mostly those who have already been dealing with problems when it comes to their eyes.

It is more than important to follow the rules down to the T and that means that no one should take more than one Stendra pill during the 24-hour period. Some of you might ask, and what if I want to have sex two or three times during that period? The answer is very simple – do not take more than one pill per day. For example, if you have a plan to have sex at 9pm, and you take one pill, you shouldn’t take another one until the same time next day. The simple reason for this is because there is no need and there is going to be enough of the medicine released into your organism after taking that one pill.

Stendra is a very powerful medicine and you will realize that after taking your very first pill. After that, it is going to be more than obvious that the results are great, if you follow the rules and instructions. Basically, the whole procedure of taking the pills is very simple but you have to follow the rules all the time no matter what if you don’t want to experience some of the downsides, but that happens very rarely, according to the researches that have been made.

If you are looking for a straight answer, it is definitely Yes, since this medicine has shown some great results and there is no doubt that you are going to be more than satisfied with what you are going to see when you look down there. This product has [...] Continue Reading…

You have probably heard of Stendra. It is one of the top rated anti- ED drugs on the market and not only that it is going to help you solve all your problems that you might have with this medical issue, but at the same time it is going [...] Continue Reading…

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